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Liga Team of the Week - Jornada 17

This article was originsally published as Liga Team of the Week - Jornada 17 on the Spain Football Community.

The Spain Football Fantasy Betting site is now fully operational and it's time to put together a Liga Team of the Week for Jornada 17. Remember that the system has to be 4-4-2 and you can only use two players from the same club.


Liga Team of the Week - Jornada 17Both Sevilla's Javi Varas and FC Barcelona's Victor Valdés have got better match stats so far this season than Iker Casillas, but I think there are going to be goals scored against them in the Rayo Vallecano v Sevilla game and in Espanyol v FC Barcelona. Real Madrid, however, are playing Granada at home and I think it's very unlikely that the Granadinos will manage to score in the Bernabéu.


Deciding on the Back Four is also a question of choosing players that will give very little away, so I'm going to go for Atlético's Filipe Luis, Ballesteros from Levante, and Sevilla's Fernando Navarro. I'm also fielding Barça's Dani Alves because not only is the Barcelona defence likely to end with a clean sheet, but Alves`attacking role could well mean extra points for an assist or even a goal.


In normal circumstances, I'd field a combination of the Barça and Madrid midfields but I can only use two players from each club and I've already picked Iker and Alves and I want to use Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in attack, so I'm going to have to use the 'Best of the Rest'.

I've decided to play Sevilla's Jesus Navas, Athletic Bilbao's Herrera and Susaeta and Valencia's Jordi Alba.


Up front, there's no doubt in my mind, it has to be Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, both of them score at least one almost every game and Ronaldo seems to be particpating more in attack, so both are capable of a couple of assists as well.


On the bench, I've got one defender - Osasuna's Sergio - two midfielders - Santi Cazorla from Málaga and Michu from Rayo - and Radmael Falcao from Atlético as my only forward.

Come and Join the Fun!

I've only just started playing this game but I think it's great combination of Fantasy Football and sensible betting. I tend to bet 5 Euro a game, which is not going to break the bank, and depending on how many players there are and how much money is in the pot, you can win much more than that.

Anyway, my UserName is LigaTeam and it would be great to see you on the Spain Fantasy Football Betting site.

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You can also watch Liga Team of the Week on YouTube.

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