lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Miloka Bar Restaurant

On Bailen just above Diagonal. Cheap Menu del Dia at €9.50. Not much variety but more than edible.

domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Penya Sabadell and Nova Creu Alta

I had the the chance of visiting CE Sabadell's Nova Creu Alta Stadium on Saturday. My brother's English veterans were playing against Sabadell Veterans on the nearby training ground.

Sabadell were away against Murcia so the ground was closed. I took the opportunity of taking a few photos of outside the ground. Then we went for a beer in the Sabadell Penya bar just across the road.

sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

A Veterans Football Match in Sabadell

My Brother Joe - Veteran English Footballer
Sabadell Training Ground from the road
I've had an interesting day today. My brother Joe and some of his mates managed to wangle a game against Sabadell Veterans!

There were photographers and local TV cameras there because CE Sabadell were under the impression they were playing against Bristol Rovers veterans.

It was a cold night and the match started an hour late so I only stayed for 20 minutes. They were already 2-0 down when I left.

The other problem was that, as I speak Catalan and was obviously mates with the team, the local Sabadell fans wanted the lowdown on these veteran  English 'stars' - I didn't have the heart to tell them that it was really our kid and a few of his mates on a weekend piss up
Apparently, they were 8-0 down at half-time - only 8 - was my comment when Joe texted me the score.

The interesting thing is, though, it got me started on the germ of an idea - Organising Football Tours in the Barcelona Area.

It seems to me that a lot of groups of blokes would love to have the opportunity of having a kick around against a team in Barcelona or anywhere else in Spain for that matter!

viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Cubina Interior Design

This is the shop window of an upmarket Interior Design place on our street - Carrer Mallorca beween Bruc and Roger de Lluria.

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Hotel 987, Mallorca 288

This hotel is directly opposite where I live in L'Eixample in Barcelona and I really must get round to going inside and getting to know the ownners.

Spar Supermarket Fruit & Veg

Doing the shopping today we popped in to our local Spar ... let's face you can't live without cleaning fluids and crisps.

Panaderia Paul

A fantastic bread shop on Carrer Mallorca close to the corner with Roger de Lluria

miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

Watching Real Madrid v Bayern Munich

I must admit it's kinda difficult coping with this game.
I suppose I was pleased when Cristiano Ronaldo scored but I can't say I was unhappy when Bayern got one back.

Onze de Setembre

Onze de Setembre by simonharrisbcn
Onze de Setembre, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

Paco at Frankfurt Anabel

Paco at Frankfurt Anabel by simonharrisbcn
Paco at Frankfurt Anabel, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

Early evening in Sant Andreu..

Frankfurt Anabel has always been a great bar and I really enjoyed seeing Paco the other evening.  

The group stopped going to Frankfurt Anabel ... shame! I still pop in and see my good mate Paco, though!

Just Eat - Your Food in a Click

just eat by simonharrisbcn
just eat, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

This photo is of the front door of the Chinese Bar where we watch the Barça games in Sant Andreu, Barcelona.

They do Take Aways so I wonder why they're advertising an Online Take Away service!!!

Yuan Man Midnight

Yuan Man Midnight by simonharrisbcn
Yuan Man Midnight, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

Still wearing my Barca shirt with pride

Still wearing my Barca shirt with pride by simonharrisbcn
Still wearing my Barca shirt with pride, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr

This is me in the bathroom just after we'd lost in the Champions League semi-final against Chelsea. Note the shirt is a sexy 1992 version - it's got Koeman 4 on the back and I really like the club crest!.

Shame about the result .... FORÇA BARÇA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon Harris in FCB '92 Shirt

martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Bar Co & Co

Bar Co & Co by simonharrisbcn
Bar Co & Co, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

Bar Co&Co is just by my front door on the corner of Bruc and Mallorca in the Eixample in Barcelona. I've never actually been inside because it's just alittle bit too close to home.

Barcelona Eixample Driving School

barcelona eixample driving school

Just went for my first driving theory lesson at Autoescola Serraparera. Pretty boring having to learn all this stuff at my age but it has to be done!

Eixample Tobacconist - Bruc-Diagonal

Eixample Tobacconist by simonharrisbcn
Eixample Tobacconist, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

My local Estanco on the corner of Bruc and Diagonal. The guy that runs the place is from La Sagrera ... I like him from the first moment.

lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

Rose Selling Dude - Sant Jordi Groove Thang!

Rose Selling Dude by simonharrisbcn
Rose Selling Dude, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

I kind of liked the dudiness of this dudey dude selling roses on Sant Jordi. It didn't strike me that horticulture or literature numbered amogst his interests. Sell a few roses ... make a few euros!

El Capricho by Gaudi - Comillas, Cantabria

El Capricho by Gaudi by simonharrisbcn
El Capricho by Gaudi, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

Located in Comillas in Cantabria, El Capricho is one of the few buildings that Antoni Gaudí constructed outside Catalonia. 

We visited on an extremely wet day so really didn't get a chance to get the best out of it.

The colours are gorgeous and I can imagine that it must be a delight to walk round it on a bright summer's day.

Buying Books on Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi is probably the world's most brilliant festival. Tradition has it that men buy a rose for their woman and women buy a book for their man April 23 is the day on which both Shakespeare and Cervantes died in 1616.

Flowers and La Senyera

Flowers and La Senyera by simonharrisbcn
Flowers and La Senyera, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

A friend was talking last night about seeing a Pakistani rose seller wandering about Barcelona carrying a Spanish flag. He didn't really get it, did he? Sant Jordi is a Catalan festival, so it's got to be La Senyera.

Roses on a Sunny Sant Jordi

I thought these roses looked beautiful.

Sant Jordi Flower Sellers

Selling roses in the street

Flores Navarro At Night

Os Ancares, Eixample, Barcelona

Os Ancares Terrace in Sunshine

Os Ancares Terrace by simonharrisbcn
Os Ancares Terrace, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

I took this photo around 11 o'clock, so it's not surprising that Os Ancares terrace empty ... the breakfast crowd have gone to work and the lunchtime punters haven't arrived yet.

Great place to have lunch if the weather's nice ... menu €10.20 ... and the food's pretty good!!

Books for Sant Jordi

Books for Sant Jordi by simonharrisbcn
Books for Sant Jordi, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

Amnesty International Book Stall

Priority Intersection - Finding an Image Editor!!!

 Strange things we do ... I'm learning to drive at the age of 52 and I'm also exploring new ways of editing photos now that the fantastic Picnik has disappeared.

This is the first image created with Picasa and it's been scanned from my Spanish Highway code manual - my Manual de Conducción!


I've come across PicMonkey - it resizes and crops, which mainly what I need to do, just like PicNik ... groovy times indeed!
Posted by Picasa

Modernist Balconies - Jewels of the Eixample!

Modernist Balconies by simonharrisbcn
Modernist Balconies, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

I need to find about this building ... it's one of the many jewels of the Eixample!

Navarro Floristeria Sant Jordi 2012

More Roses Sant Jordi 2012

More Flowers Sant Jordi 2012

Flowers in the street Sant Jordi 2012

Roses Sant Jordi 2012

Roses Sant Jordi 2012 by simonharrisbcn
Roses Sant Jordi 2012, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

Sant Jordi Poster 2012

Sant Jordi Poster 2012 by simonharrisbcn
Sant Jordi Poster 2012, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

The words 'T'estimo' in Catalan mean 'I love you'.

Flores Navarro

Flores Navarro by simonharrisbcn
Flores Navarro, a photo by simonharrisbcn on Flickr.

domingo, 22 de abril de 2012