miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Agent Provocateurs Cause Violence at Parc de la Ciutadella

This video shows how the violence at the Parc de la Ciutadella yesterday was cause by a group of agent provocateurs. They look like poorly disguised police officers. And as the crowd realise who they are uniformed police come and escort them to safety.

And I thought the fascist state died with Franco in '75!


jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

Barcelona Language Learning Welcome

Still messing around with the basic tools for Barcelona Language Learning. This video outlines the basic ideas behind the site.
  • Barcelona Language Learning is principally a resource for people coming to Barcelona to learn Spanish and Catalan.
  • It's an interactive website where language schools and individual teachers can add their profiles and get found by potential students.
  • It also showcases the wonderful city of Barcelona - if you're coming to study, you'll also want to know what you can do outside class time.
  • At the moment, the site is only in English but as of next week. I'll be translating everything into Spanish and Catalan.
  • I hope to attract the active participation of language teachers and translators through the profile pages and a forum.
Anyway here's the video