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Buses and Taxis at Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport Transport

Bilbao Sondika Transport Information

If you arriving from Manchester to see tomorrow night's Europa League tie between the Man Utd Red Devils and the Athletic Bilbao Lions, you will find Bilbao Airport Transport services including taxis and buses and trains to Bilbao city centre directly outside the Airport Terminal Building.


As Bilbao is a modestly sized airport you should have no problem finding the Bus Stops and Taxi Ranks.

A taxi ride into Bilbao will take about 15 minutes and cost around €25.

There are bus services fron Bilbao Airport to Bilbao, San Sebastián and Eibar.

For other destinations, you should take a bus or train from Bilbao.




Bizkaibus Bilbao-Airport Line 3247

Bizkaibus Bilbao-Airport Line connects the Bilbao Terminus with the airport with stops in Gran Vía 79, Plaza Moyua and Alameda Recalde 11.

Bizkaibuses leave Bilbao every 20 minutes from 5:20am to 10:00pm and from the Bilbao Airport, every 20 minutes, from 6:20am to 0:00am.

More Information: Tel. 902 222 265 - Bizkaibus Website


Bilbao Airport Map Bilbao Airport Map

Bilbao Airport - Zarautz - San Sebastián

Direct service that connects the airport with Plaza de Pío XII in San Sebastian. There is a stop on demand in Zarautz. Whenever a sale has been made, either in travel agencies in the Donostia-Zarautz-Loiu airport direction or in the airport in the Loiu Airport-Zarautz-Donostia direction, the vehicle will enter the town of Zarautz. The stop is in the fire-station roundabout (rotonda de los bomberos).

This service departs from the airport once an hour, between 7:45 am and 11:45 pm (on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays there is an additional service at 6:45 am). From San Sebastian, it departs every hour from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm.

More Information: Tel. 902 101 210 - Pesa Website


Bilbao Airport-Eibar-Bergara-Arrasate

This newly created line operates daily, and stops in Eibar (Ego–Gain), Bergara (Ibargaray) and Arrasate (Garibay).

This service leaves the airport every four hours from 7:15 to 23:15; from Arrasate, every four hours from 5:15 to 21:15.

More Information: Tel. 902 101 210 - Pesa Website

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